Testogen Testosterone Supplement Review

Testogen Review: How Safe And Effective Is This Product?

Testogen, one of only two known species in the butea genus of plants alongside testosterone booster, is native to Thailand, but also noted to exist in India and Burma. Within Thailand, it is widely celebrated there for its claimed aphrodisiac effects, and becoming more heavily discussed in the Western world because of its purported ability to fight erectile dysfunction in men. Spread inconspicuously throughout the country’s deciduous forests, in which it is one of the rare climbing vines, it does not “play an important role” in the overall development of that environment, though it nonetheless has found its way into the local repertoire of medicinal plants.

Testogen Supplement: Working Process And The Ingredients List

Interestingly, the herb is noted to be highly similar to another local Thai product, pueraria mirifica, whose effects on the human body are the inverse of those associated with Testogen: since the 1960’s, the phenol known as miroestrol, which simulates the effects of estrogen, has been isolated from the plant.
Studies on Testogen’s androgenic effects have just recently begun in earnest, when considering its lengthy use in traditional medicine, and the less lengthy time period that horticulturalists have had knowledge of the plant’s existence. As such, the bioactive components within the herb are still something of a mystery. There have been at least two double blind clinical trials (with one of them eventually “downgraded” from double blind status after the control group dropped out of the experiment) seeking out the full androgenic potential of Testogen. The study in question, conducted at the University Hospital Dr José E. González in Monterrey, involved 32 men with erectile dysfunction being treated either with sildenafil [a.k.a. Viagra] Testogen – after a week’s worth of such treatment, the substances administered would be changed to 100mg of starch for the control group or another helping of Testogen. 84% of the Testogen group showed positive results as compared to 81% of those taking sildenafil, though parameters such as testosterone level increase are not mentioned in these results.

Who is TestoGen for?

The more promising of the two studies, initiated at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, was carried out with test subjects ranging from 30-70 years in age and, again, done in order to test its efficacy in curing erectile dysfunction. The official results claim a “significant upgrading in 4 of the 5 descriptive evaluations of the IIEF-5 questionnaire” (the IIEF being an acronym for International Index of Erectile Function, a self-evaluation scale meant to rank one’s personal progress in the five areas of erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, satisfaction in sexual intercourse and general satisfaction.)

The Advantages Of Testogen

Testogen products can be found in the catalogs of manufacturers like Swanson Premium, with each individual supplement varying in its level of purity. Prices will also vary from around $10 for a 60-capsule supply to around $60 for the NanoMed ‘Smart Double for Men’ supplement. Ainterol, in the product listing for their Testogen IV 500mg capsules, breathlessly notes that their product is “Strongest Strain with Newest Drying Process when manufactured that retains more active ingredients and better results [sic]!” – a benefit that it charges around $27 for (they also helpfully note its vegetarian-friendly process of manufacture and lack of any additional chemicals or starches.) Amazon.com may be the best resource for those who are shopping online, since more supplement-intensive vendors like Puritan’s Pride, Life Extension Formula and bodybuilding.com do not currently stock any Testogen products. Read more – https://www.webmd.com/men/features/low-testosterone-explained-how-do-you-know-when-levels-are-too-low.
It is also worth mentioning, for any potential Testogen consumers, the local Buddhist monks’ designation of the plant as kwao krua: this is a category of different herbs that also includes pueraria mirifica (which is the ‘white’ kwao krua to butea’s ‘red’) and mucuna collettii. It is therefore essential, when buying any product labeled as kwao krua, to make sure one is getting the correct type of supplementation, especially given the situation already noted where pueraria mirifica may produce effects completely undesired by individuals hoping for an anabolic effect. If you find yourself in a herbal market specializing in Asian imports, be sure to ask for kwao krua dang to narrow down your search.

Possible Side Effects

According to studies that showed the ability for mice to mutate being given high doses of Testogen (in this case, 300-1000mg per kg of body weight), it would be well worth it to proceed with caution where human dosage is concerned. The numbers mentioned would translate to 48mg per kg of human weight – given the monetary expense required to maintain the habit of taking such doses, it seems highly unlikely that such negative effects will also manifest in humans.