testosterone suspension reviews

Mechanism hypotensive action is due to a direct relaxant effect on vascular smooth-muscle cells, resulting in decreased total peripheral vascular resistance. It has a prolonged antihypertensive action. Due to the high selectivity to the smooth-muscle cells of blood vessels no negative inotropic effect. Lercanidipine testosterone suspension reviews is completely absorbed after oral administration. Maximum plasma concentration is found in 1.5-3 hours and is 3.3 ng / ml and 7.66 ng / ml after administration of 10 and 20 mg, respectively. Distribution from plasma into tissues and organs is rapid. Communication with the plasma proteins exceeds 98%. Elimination occurs by biotransformation, about 50% of the dose excreted in the urine. The average value of half-life is 10.8 hours. The duration of therapeutic action is 24 hours. Repeated dose testosterone suspension cumulation is not observed.

Indications for use:

Essential hypertension mild to moderate severity.


Hypersensitivity to lercanidipine, to other dihydropyridine derivatives or to any component of the drug; Chronic heart failure (decompensation stage); Unstable angina; vascular obstruction originating from the left ventricle of the heart; within 1 month after myocardial infarction; expressed human liver;impairment of renal function (creatinine clearance less than 12 mL / min); lactose intolerance, galactosemia, a syndrome of malabsorption of glucose / galactose. Pregnancy and lactation; women of childbearing age, not using reliable contraception; Age 18 years (effectiveness and safety have been studied).

Precautions : renal and / or hepatic insufficiency, elderly, sick sinus syndrome (without a pacemaker), ischemic heart disease, left ventricular dysfunction.

Dosage and administration:

Inside 1 tablet (10 mg) 1 times a day at least 15 minutes before a meal, preferably in the morning, without chewing, drinking plenty of water. Depending on the therapeutic effect achieved dose may be increased up to 2 tablets (20 mg). The therapeutic dose is selected gradually increasing the dose to 20 mg is carried out 2 weeks after starting the drug. Use in elderly patients a dose adjustment is necessary. Use in patients with impaired renal or hepatic function If you have kidney or liver failure mild to moderate, usually , dose adjustment is required, the initial dose – 10 mg, with caution followed by increasing the dose up to 20 mg.

Side effect:

The drug was well tolerated. Rarely observed effects related to the vasodilating properties of the drug: peripheral edema, feeling of “tides” of blood to the face, palpitations, tachycardia, chest pain, marked reduction in blood pressure, angina, asthenia, fatigue, headache, dizziness; very rare: gastrointestinal disorders testosterone suspension reviews (dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, diarrhea), reversible increase in the activity of “liver” enzymes, myocardial infarction, polyuria, skin rash, drowsiness, myalgia, gingival hyperplasia.


Recorded no overdose. It can be assumed that the symptoms are similar to those of other dihydropyridine derivatives (peripheral vasodilation with hypotension and reflex tachycardia, increased frequency and duration of attacks of angina, myocardial infarction). In case of overdose symptomatic therapy.

Interaction with other drugs

During the combination therapy Lerkamen ® 10 is well compatible with beta-blockers, diuretics, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors). Caution should be used with inhibitors of CYP ZA4: ketoconazole, itraconazole, erythromycin, and others. In appointing the drug together with inducers of CYP ZA4: antidepressants rifampicin may reduce the hypotensive effect of the drug. When using Lerkamena ® 10 simultaneously with cardiac glycosides, should be monitored for signs of digoxin toxicity. Concomitant use with cimetidine does not cause significant changes lercanidipine plasma concentration at high doses of cimetidine may increase the bioavailability and the hypotensive effect of lercanidipine. Perhaps increased hypotensive effect when consuming the juice grapefruit. The use of ethanol may potentiate the effect of the drug.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms Since the therapy drug testosterone suspension reviews 10 may cause dizziness, asthenia, fatigue and rarely somnolence, during treatment, patients should be with extreme caution to drive and engage in other potentially hazardous activities that require high rate of psychomotor reactions

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