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Antiallergic agents; It has testosterone suspension side effects membrane stabilizing action, prevent mast cell degranulation and histamine release of these, bradykinin, leukotrienes (including slow reacting substance) and other biologically active substances. Most effective for prophylactic use.

Full clinical effect in allergic diseases of the eye is achieved after a few days or weeks of treatment.

The absorption through the mucosa is negligible eyes. Systemic bioavailability of 0.1% -less. The half-life – 5-10 min.

Indications for use :

– Allergic conjunctivitis;
– allergic keratitis;
– keratoconjunctivitis;
– irritation of mucous membranes of the eyes caused by allergies (environmental factors, occupational hazards, household chemicals, cosmetics, ophthalmic preparations, pollen and pet dander).


– Hypersensitivity to the drug;
– Children under 4 years old.

Pregnancy and lactation:
The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation if the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus or child.

Dosing and Administration
Treatment starts with the instillation of 1-2 drops into each conjunctival sac 4 times a day with 4-6 hours interval. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 6-8 per day instillation. Treatment is continued until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

In seasonal allergic conjunctivitis treatment should be started immediately after the onset of symptoms or use prophylactically prior to the occurrence of pollen season. Treatment was continued for the entire season flowering or longer if symptoms persist. In the absence of a positive effect of the treatment for a few weeks, you should contact your doctor.

Eye drops testosterone suspension side effects manufactured in tube-looks, do not contain preservatives, so they do not slow down the healing of conjunctival and corneal wounds, and can be used in patients with hypersensitivity to preservatives.

Instructions for use Lekrolin tube-dropper:

1. Open the package along the dotted line.
2. Detach one tube-dropper.
3. Carefully close the package.
4. Make sure that the solution is in the bottom of the tube-dropper tube and open-drip.
5. Drip 1-2 drops in the eye (s). The dosage contained in dropper tube is sufficient for a single instillation into both eyes. After a single use tube-IV should be discarded, even if the content remains.

Side effect:

When applied topically kromogli≤tsievaya acid is generally well tolerated, and eye irritation symptoms are rare.

Common (> 1/100): Short-term symptoms of local irritation of the eyes: burning sensation and quickly passing violation of clarity of vision.

Very rare (<1/10000): Allergic reactions, swelling of the conjunctiva, foreign body sensation, “dry eye” syndrome, watery eyes, meybomit and superficial corneal epithelial damage (if any drops preservative -benzalkoniya chloride).



Animal studies show that local and systemic toxicity kromoglitsievoy acid is very small. When it is used locally overdose symptoms are unlikely.
If all the observed symptoms of overdose, such as nausea, if necessary, should be carried out symptomatic treatment.

Interaction with other drugs:

Previously mentioned cromoglicic acid adverse interactions with other drugs.
Cromoglicic acid can reduce the need for application of ophthalmic formulations containing glucocorticosteroids.

Special instructions:

Eye drops testosterone suspension side effectsin vials-droppers contain a preservative benzalkonium chloride, and are not recommended for use while wearing contact lenses. Before instillation of eye drops contact lenses should be removed and put them again no earlier than 15 minutes after use of the drug. Eye drops  in tube-looks do not contain preservatives, so they can be used while wearing contact lenses of any type.

Effect on driving and perform potentially hazardous activities:
Patients after application of the drug appears a short break-definition visual perception should not drive a car or operate machinery, machine or any other equipment that requires clarity of vision immediately after use eye drops.
The vial must be closed after each use. Do not touch the eye with the tip of the pipette. buy legal anabolic steroids online

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