Best Testosterone Boosters

Best Testosterone Boosters
Testosterone booster formulas always look well thought out on paper. Testosterone booster (AX) is no exception, it boasts a number of proven testosterone boosting ingredients. More than that, the formula goes the extra mile and includes an anti-estrogen to boot. And it showed in the bloodwork, with a more than respectable 30-day 34% testosterone increase and an estrogen level still within normal range.

Ingredients/Mechanism of Action

Two of AX’s ingredients, Mucuna Pruriens and Bryonia Laciniosa, work to increase luteinizing hormone (LH), which signals the testes to produce more testosterone. The LH increase is not as large as the one you experience with D-Aspartic Acid, but it still does the job of significantly increasing testosterone levels. They also provide other benefits, such as inhibiting prolactin and regulating the rate-limiting protein stAR, potentially further increasing testosterone levels. Divanil is a nettle extract that decreases the binder SHBG, which allows more of that created testosterone to be freed to circulate through the body. Cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3, is a common nutrient deficiency, that, when corrected, can provide a large increase in testosterone levels in addition to other health benefits. Maca root is included because it is a potent adaptogen, which means it helps ensure optimal function of biological processes such as testosterone production, fighting off stressors such as cortisol.

Lastly, PZole, a proprietary extract, is included as potent anti-estrogen to counter the increase in estrogen that occurs when testosterone levels are raised.

Initial Observations

Dosing is pretty simple. Take 2 caps twice a day about 30-45 minutes before eating. It took about a week and a half for me to start feeling some of the effects, initially most noticeable in areas like mood and libido. Similar to BioForge, I found the pump effect worth making sure I took one of my 3 caps before workouts.

General Observations/Mood/Libido

Testosterone booster was a solid performer in this category. As expected, I picked up a bit of an aggressive alpha male attitude while using the product. I don’t mean some crazy roid rage or anything though, just a noticeable swagger and confidence in how I went about my day. That aggression was also a huge drive in the gym too.

I experienced a decent increase in libido as well, but similar to BioForge, it wasn’t anything too crazy like I got with D-Aspartic Acid.

Because of the built-in estrogen control, I did notice a firmness and lack of water retention. It wasn’t as pronounced as it was when using PES Erase, but that is too expected since Erase is a standalone estrogen control product (and therefore stronger as a result of the higher dosage).

Workout Performance and Recovery

Once again, solid. While I’m usually on high volume programs, I happened to be on a low volume, heavy weight program when I tested Testosterone booster. It provided a unique opportunity to see how AX and test booster products like it might help me push past plateaus.

My bench was stuck at 225 lb for quite a a while…by the end of just 4 weeks, I was doing multiple reps of 235 lb. It wasn’t just the bench either, I got gains all across the board.

And just like in my reviews of the other test boosters, recovery was fantastic, I wasn’t walking around like a cripple after a heavy legs day.

I wasn’t putting in enough reps to really evaluate how good of a pump I could get, but I was happy with the vascularity I was getting considering the relatively low amount of reps I was doing.

Body Composition/Appearance

Well, this was more of a strength program rather than hypertrophy so I wasn’t expecting for there to be too much muscle mass increase. But the scales did go up.

I was putting on a clean .5-1 lb wk, mostly good weight according to my calipers. And as I mentioned above, I crushed my max weights on basically every single exercise.

The dryness from the estrogen control combined with the vascularity from the elevated testosterone looked damn good in the mirror too.

Testosterone Boosters Safety/Side-Effects

There really isn’t much to be worried about with this formula, it’s very well put together. Nonetheless…

Since estrogen control is built into the product, it’s unlikely one should need to worry about any side-effects as a result of estrogen.

The amount of Vitamin D3 included is well within healthy levels and is unlikely to produce any ill effects in the 4-8 week recommended cycle regardness of your diet/multivitamin/lifestyle.

Testosterone booster states you shouldn’t use it for longer than 8 weeks with a minimum 4 week break before continuing use. It’s important to respect these restrictions and allow the body sufficient rest from the altered hormone levels.


However, Testosterone booster’s formula does make it very well suited to being stacked (combined) with DAA and Erase. The addition of the SHBG-lowering Divanil would allow more of the total test from DAA to be converted to free test while the L-Dopa further protects against any DAA side-effects. Unfortunately, the combined cost of $70+/mo makes it difficult to recommend this combination to most.

TestoGen Testosterone Booster

Some people may be thinking that this product isn’t for them because they don’t have zinc or vitamin D deficiency. I thought the same before trying it, since my bloodwork said I wasn’t deficient. But as my testosterone increase indicated, just because I wasn’t deficient doesn’t mean the levels were at optimal levels in regards to optimal testosterone production. My final levels were also still in healthy ranges, albeit on the higher side.
Now, enough with the science.

Dosing is pretty simple. Take 3 caps throughout the day with food. It took about a week for me to start feeling some of the effects, initially most noticeable in areas like mood and libido. Some users have reported it taking even shorter to kick in while others have said it took up to 2 weeks to begin feeling its effects. I liked taking one of my doses before workouts due to the increases in muscle “pump” (I’ll get more into that below).

Adaptogens like fulvic acid and ashwagandha have long been used for mood boosting effects. I have to say I was very pleased with the great if uncharacteristic alpha mood I experienced. It was a a controlled alpha feeling, not over aggressive as can happen as times with other potent test boosters. It’s akin to being a searing hot coal instead of a raging fire, still full of energy but not quite as demonstrative and over the top.
I also had a decent increase in libido, not so much as to be insatiable, but pretty noticeable nonetheless.

Based on my experiences with other potent test boosters like DAA, I knew what to expect: increased recovery and energy and some great pumps and general vascularity.
Well, I’m happy to say it delivered on all counts. I had been lifting free of any testosterone boosters or supplements other then the basics (creatine, beta-alanine, vitamins, etc.). Once TestoGen kicked in, my production in the gym went up a level, being able to come in day after day and push through the workouts that only weeks before were kicking my ass.

Where this stood apart from other test boosters I have used is in the area of vascularity. DAA gave me some pumps and vascularity increases, but nothing like this. During some of my high-volume workouts, my muscles were so hard by the time I finished I could barely flex them. Of course, pumps don’t really mean anything as far as muscle gain is concerned, but you look great in the mirror and the pump feeling is fun.

So, did TestoGen make a difference?
YES! Like I mentioned above, I was able to push through workouts I couldn’t keep up with before. Being able to tax the muscles harder and benefitting from the increased protein synthesis from the increased testosterone means increased muscle mass.
In the weeks before using it, I was putting on .5-1 lb a week with some visible muscle gain but some fat gain as well. Once TestoGen kicked in, I was still increasing approximately the same amount, but the results were more visible, the muscle was clearer. Now, some of that can be attributed to the increased vascularity and muscle hardness, but the calipers also indicated more of the weight gained was muscle than is usually the case. People noticed the difference too, which is always a nice signal to know it’s not just placebo.

Pretty good. Unlike some other products like DAA, you aren’t acting directly on the testes so hormonal side effects like excessive estrogen increases are unlikely to be as severe, hence the lack of a built-in estrogen control ingredient.
Perhaps the high amounts of zinc and D3 could be worrisome if your diet/multivitamin/lifestyle provides you with an abundant amount already, but a 4-8 wk cycle is too short to do any serious harm. As I mentioned above, I was already in safe ranges when taking it and did not leave safe ranges even after 4 weeks using it.
Beyond the nutrients, adaptogens have been used for years. There is some concern about shilajit depriving the body of selenium, however I don’t believe this will be a problem in the 4-8 time frame. If you are worried, your multivitamin should contain enough selenium to stave off any danger or if you prefer no vitamins, 1-2 brazil nuts a day will do the trick. (A single brazil nut alone contains 137% of the daily value for selenium).
TestoGen states you shouldn’t use it for longer than 8 weeks with a minimum 4 week break before continuing use. It’s important to respect these restrictions and allow the body sufficient rest from the altered hormone levels.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with TestoGen. I had read and heard the reviews, but I figured a lot of them were due to deficiencies in zinc and Vitamin D which it corrected, thus providing a big increase in test. As I’ve made a point to say, I wasn’t deficient when I started taking it and I still had great results, so it’s not quite so simple.
Using it was a great experience. It was nearly every bit as good as D-Aspartic Acid in every respect and I liked the more “chill” alpha male feeling rather than the aggressive mood test boosters can sometimes give me.
I still can’t get over the pumps and vascularity though…TestoGen has put every other test booster product I’ve used to shame in that department. Combine that vascularity with the inevitable muscle gain if you have your diet and workouts right, and it’s hard not to look in the mirror when on TestoGen.
This is the way to go if D-Aspartic Acid based products, like Core Test, don’t work for you.

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