That’s not a bad stack – like you said, it should be quite similar to DAA/Erase. I like Triazole quite a bit, I just find Erase to be just as effective for a lower price. The big difference you would notice with D-pol versus other testosterone boosters is much stronger pumps, courtesy of the nitrates.
As for lingering benefits, I would expect your testosterone levels will return to baseline after a couple of weeks after stopping use. Remember that DAA/Erase/Triazole aren’t products that should be taken continuously, you will need to cycle them and give your body a break .
Things you could take on a long-term basis that might help your testosterone levels would be Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D, fish oil – basically products that can address underlying deficiencies. Of course, the testosterone gain from these supplements is unlikely to be anywhere near as high as with DAA unless you have a major deficiency, but every little bit helps.

Testosterone Supplements