D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) and PES Erase

Alright, enough with the science (at least for the most part), how about I talk about my actual experience using DAA and PES Erase.
Initial Observations:
D-Aspartic Acid: DAA comes in powder form. The instructions are as simple as it gets, take 1 scoop (3 grams) of powder once a day with the first meal of the day. It does have a noticeable chalky and bitter taste. It’s not so bad that its undrinkable in my opinion, but some people I know mix it with orange juice, which masks the taste perfectly. The effects, which I’ll get into below, kicked in very quickly (within a week). I know some others for whom it took a bit longer for them to “feel” DAA working, even up to 3 weeks in some rare cases.

Initial Observations

PES Erase: Erase comes with 90 capsules in a bottle. The recommended dose is 3 caps a day, making each bottle last 30 days. There should be a 4-8 hour gap between each cap taken and it doesn’t matter whether it’s taken with or without food. Just like DAA, it kicked in extremely quickly, maybe even faster than DAA.
I’ve used Erase alone in the past before using it with DAA so it was easy to recognize when each supplement was kicking in by the effects I was noticing.
General Observations/Mood/Libido:
Mood was certainly the first indication that DAA had properly kicked in. It was that unmistakable alpha male feeling, full of aggression, vitality, energy, well-being and confidence, that let me know my testosterone was on the rise. I was sleeping much better/deeper as well. Why can’t we all feel this way all the time damnit!
Actually, there’s probably a very good reason: libido. Mine was completely insatiable, maybe even to the limit of unhealthily so, although you won’t find me complaining, I thought it was a fun few weeks on the stuff. I could have put Russell Brand to shame. Some guys I know don’t get the crazy libido boost while still having the product work for them, so your mileage may vary.
Because of the decreased estrogen levels caused by Erase, I experienced far less water retention than normal. I immediately looked and felt so much drier and firmer, as though all the water weight I normally keep was sucked out (actually, pissed out is more accurate).
Workout Performance and Recovery:
The alpha male mood is fun and all but that’s not what I was taking a test booster for: I want results. My diet has always been on point so it was just a matter of bringing it in the gym.

General Observations/Mood/Libido

I’ve always found myself straining through high volume workout routines designed for muscular growth, even while on creatine and beta-alanine. I simply couldn’t do the amount of reps I was suppose to do without very long rests between sets and even then I was struggling. That changed with testosterone booster: I managed to keep squeezing out those reps until I hit my mark. I think this is because my recovery was infinitely better than it usually is and as a result my muscles felt much fresher from workout to workout.
I may have promised no more science above, but I believe the increased recovery is due the increased protein synthesis resulting from elevated testosterone levels.
I also experienced some great pumps and vascularity while using DAA and Erase. The energy from the elevated testosterone removed any need to take a pre-workout stimulant for those days when I would have came in tired or disinterested.

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